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Step 1

Begin your journey by registering on our website and easily purchasing a subscription that suits your needs.

Step 2

Once your subscription is activated, gain access to the exciting world of iFuntology Write to Read through our user-friendly Web Application. Simply log in to get started!

Step 3

Unleash your creativity by choosing a gender for your main character. We provide you with a delightful default 3D Avatar, which you can further customize to make it uniquely yours.

Step 4

Let the storytelling begin! Craft captivating stories by combining three essential elements. Firstly, populate your narrative with multiple 3D avatar characters that bring your tale to life. Secondly, add dialogue boxes to these characters and pen down their engaging conversations. Lastly, select visually stunning background themes for each slide, perfectly complementing the story you're telling.

Step 5

Once you've weaved your imaginative masterpiece, it's time to share, preserve, or enjoy it in different formats. Choose to download your story as a PDF, save it securely in our system, or even have it transformed into a beautiful printed book that can be shipped anywhere you desire. Discover the magic of iFuntology Write to Read, where you have the power to Write iT, Read iT, and even Book iT!

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