A: Anyone can join Write to Read, whether you are a student, teacher, or an individual user. If you are a young student, you can also get an invite from your teacher to start enjoying Write to Read. Choose between monthly or annual subscriptions and get going! It only takes a few clicks on our website!

A: Yes, you can easily access your account on your PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, and Chromebook. So, no matter where you are, the fun never stops!

A: Yes, you can! Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, adventure, romance, and more – you can let your ideas flow in whichever direction you like. At Write to Read, the sky is the limit!

A: Well, for starters, you have your imagination. Additionally, Write to Read offers avatars, exciting choices of backgrounds, dialogue boxes, and so much more. All you have to do is mix your creative juices and paint them with your words.

A: You can download your story in PDF format and share it with friends and family. Also, you can get your book printed to enjoy a hard copy format.

A: Not at all! You can save as many books as you like!

A: Yes, it caters to both children and adults. Students, parents, and even organizations can register here.

A: Certainly! Please contact our dedicated support team for questions, concerns, or technical issues. We are committed to providing the best support for a smooth experience with Write to Read.


A: You can register by purchasing 12 user accounts for your students. You can then send them invitations and assign them accounts with separate credentials. Along with this, you get to enjoy a free account for yourself that you can use as a teacher. Through this, you can explore the platform, review your students' work, and share your feedback with them!

A: Absolutely! Personalized learning paths cater to students at different levels and learning styles. So, rest assured, Write to Read is a great platform for you!

A: Teachers can view all the books that their students write. As a teacher, you can also give feedback to your students on their work and give them grades to assess their progress.

A: Absolutely. We take privacy seriously, ensuring our platform protects your information with strict data protection measures.


A: Absolutely not! Anyone can join and enjoy the platform, regardless of age or background.

A: worries! Start with fun prompts and writing exercises, and gradually build your confidence. After that, you can let loose!

A: After completing your story, share, preserve, or enjoy it. Download it as a PDF for digital access, save it securely within our system, or transform it into a printed book that can be shipped to any destination.

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