Core Standards

Literacy: Promote literacy skills to encompass both reading and writing abilities.

Reading Comprehension: Emphasize the importance of understanding and interpreting written texts.

Fluency: Focus on developing the ability to read smoothly and with accuracy.

Vocabulary Development: Highlight the significance of expanding word knowledge and understanding word meanings.

Phonics: Students will gain a greater relationship between sounds and letters to support reading and spelling skills.

Writing Skills: Focus on enhancing various writing skills, such as composition, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Creative Writing: Emphasize the encouragement of imaginative expression through writing.

Critical Thinking: To foster analytical and evaluative thinking skills through reading and writing activities.

Expressive Language: Emphasize the development of effective communication skills through written expression.

Literacy Engagement: To promote a love for reading and writing by making it engaging, enjoyable, and meaningful.

Literacy Assessment: Emphasize the importance of ongoing evaluation to measure students' progress and identify areas for improvement.

Multimodal Literacy: Stress the inclusion of various forms of communication, such as visuals, audio, and digital media, to enhance reading and writing experiences.

Literacy Intervention: To provide fun, exciting and creative writing topics to support instruction for struggling readers and writers.

Collaborative Learning: Emphasize the importance of peer interaction and cooperation to enhance literacy skills.

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